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Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure conference

Had a blast at Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure and met some great people. Was interesting to hear about the gaps in technology solutions at many utility businesses. We had a number of delegates approach us to discuss asset data, machine learning and generally improving and enhancing the digitisation efforts in their industries. Here are a few … Continued

Netscout University – Detective Series

Netscout University has announced a series of webinars that will test your IT detective skills with a series of business restricting mysteries to solve. Sounds like fun! “You’re no “gumshoe” detective! As an IT detective, can you effectively solve the modern-day mysteries crossing your networked business? Let us help you modernize your detective skills by … Continued

IBM Business Partner & Channel Sales Team

Wish you all good luck with the lead closures as we approach the year end. Wishing you happy times ahead with family & friends, and a great start to 2017! As always, request you to reach out to us if you need any assistance. This is a 15-year partnership, signifying the commitment from both HCL … Continued

The Dilemma of Transformation

Transformation to migrate from legacy services and systems to new all IP-networks is a core business objective for many communication service providers (CSPs). As part of the service and network transformation, CSPs often take the opportunity to reduce the complexity by rationalizing multiple equivalent systems for standard functions such as ordering, fulfillment, inventory, assurance and … Continued

CTIA Super Mobility Conference

  DeployPartners and our business partners OSS Integrators will be at the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 event held in Las Vegas this week! CTIA’s flagship event is an inspiring convergence of EVERYTHING WIRELESS, assembling the entire wireless ecosystem in one smart, connected space. Super Mobility 2016 features compelling keynotes, education sessions, dozens of co-located industry … Continued

IBM Solutions Connect

IT in the Cognitive Era We create 2.5 exabytes of data every day, but 80% of it has been invisible to technology. Until now. With cognitive systems, you can now adapt and make sense of all the data. Learn from it. And act on it, to outthink challenges, competitors, and the limits of what is … Continued

100 Most Promising IBM Providers

Great milestones are not achieved in one go, it requires constant perseverance, dedication and commitment. Keeping true to this spirit, IBM, has left no stone unturned to accomplish its stupendous vision – to help clients become “smarter” as the planet becomes more digitally interconnected. Exploring new horizons, IBM has ventured into a broad array of … Continued

What Happened to Tivoli?

Are you looking for Tivoli products and can’t find them on the web? Did your bookmark return a 404 error?  Is Tivoli gone? Don’t you lov(e) IT anymore? Rest assured: The Tivoli portfolio still exists, it just has new branding. At the bottom of this blog post you can find links to rebranded solutions for … Continued

Cloud Trends: 70 Percent of Proactive CIO’s Look to Partner to Speed Innovation

Are you a CIO searching for ways to free up resources and drive innovation? If so, you’re in good company. A recent C-suite study conducted by IBM found that 70 percent of the CIOs identified as “torchbearers”—that is, IT executives recognized for thought leadership in their respective industries—are seeking to tap into additional skills and resources … Continued