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Nineteen things that we see happening in Assurance in 2019

Yes, it’s a bit of a clickbait title – but we thought we would have some fun and challenge ourselves to come up with the biggest trends or ideas which, we think, will impact Assurance, OSS and ITOM in 2019. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to come up with the list as there is just so … Continued

Machine Learning – “A manager’s dilemma; do more with less”

This post is one in a series of how DeployPartners sees the future of Assurance/ITOM with the introduction of Machine Learning capabilities. In this post, we make an argument that every product in the very near future must include Machine Learning capabilities out-of-the-box to be competitive. How operations will do more with less Deploypartners has … Continued

Alarm Data Integrity or, Garbage In – ROI Out

Data Integrity, or a lack of, is a very real part of business and we, as systems integrators, are often faced with a disconnect between what the marketing and the reality of a situation where the customer’s data is sub-optimal for the product. In layman’s terms – it’s garbage in and therefore low return on … Continued

OSS Agile Delivery – is it possible?

  DeployPartners has gone agile. The whole IT consulting market has gone Agile but we missed it. None of our customers were demanding that we go Agile but we recognise that they needed us to become more efficient and adaptive. In traditional delivery, these aspects of delivery are considered a contradiction so we reviewed how … Continued

IoT – leverage the Things you have

Data Analytics + Inventory + IoT = Low Cost Insights A key criticism of IoT from the IoT Utility Summit was inability to justify the business cases. The most touted suggestion was changing business models. An alternative to deliver some of the benefits of IoT can be acheived by leveraging what they already have with … Continued