Managed Services for ITOPS – A specialised Managed Service for your IT Operations

IT Operations are being asked to be more efficient and constantly do more with less. Some of our clients have leveraged the success of their IT Operations platform by also including a managed services component to help them leverage their investment in a cost-effective way. With our Managed Services offerings you can leverage our extensive team as if they were your in-house team for support and ongoing improvements within your DevOPs business process.



Our managed services offering is compelling for our clients as it provides low-risk way to simplify their operations. One of the critical issues we see is the failure of clients to successfully adopt their technology investment. This is typical because the project has ended but to increase adoption more advocacy and\or small changes to the platform are needed. We work with all our technology partners to provide a managed service option and unlike our competition, we specialise in ITOps.

Clients have found over the years who have used our managed service they could:

  • Significantly reduce costs,
  • Deliver changes and improvement with low overheads
  • Simplify their operational resource profile
  • Manage the adoption of new technology
  • Meet skill gaps  
  • Get the most out of their investment

Our managed service is the most transparent and straightforward offering currently available in the industry. We work on a Time and Material basis with a standard Service Catalogue, that means we estimate the number of hours and as requests roll in, we draw down from the budget in a transparent way.

Increased adoption of ITOps solutions is the best way to get your solutions delivering their promised value. Our managed service offers this at a much lower cost than our competitors and doing it inhouse.

 So if you’re looking to improve your ROI on ITOps don’t hesitate to contact our Expert Dan Young via email

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