Netscout University – Detective Series

Netscout University has announced a series of webinars that will test your IT detective skills with a series of business restricting mysteries to solve. Sounds like fun!

“You’re no “gumshoe” detective! As an IT detective, can you effectively solve the modern-day mysteries crossing your networked business? Let us help you modernize your detective skills by joining this NETSCOUT University Technical Webinar Series. This multipart drama series will be filled with twists, turns, tools and techniques that will advance your skills to solve the latest crimes that slow your business down. Are you a fixer, that must be available 24×7?

Can you crack a case without leaving your office? Then you need a tool that is always on in every neighborhood and can see through clouds. Using nGeniusONE® Smart Data tools based on packet-based mining, you don’t hang out in dark alleys anymore. Clues come to you.”

If you are a member of Netscout’s University you can register for the webinar here.

If you’re not a member it’s easy to join – just head along to

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