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What does the Next Gen of IT Ops

look like & why is it so important today?

In 2019, IT operations are facing many challenges, with the key ones involving:

Rapidly expanding infrastructure
Decentralised workforce
Shrinking budgets
Need for automation
Lack of expertise

IT OPS will need to address all of these challenges plus keeping up with a constantly evolving business and technical environment.
Solutions and workflows that worked fine just a few years ago are not enough to maintain a competitive edge in the digital age.

How do we get there?

To move your IT operations into the next gen, you need a holistic approach that encompasses organisational structure, talent sourcing and management, architecture, technology, systems & processes.

DeployPartners propose a number of comprehensive NEXT GEN OF IT OPS solutions that includes ChatOps, Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning, Closed-Loop Assurance and Managed Services

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for more effective

operational collaboration

ChatOps isn’t a tool or a product. It’s the new way of collaborating across your teams and organisation. Thanks to advanced automation and integrating processes, you can augment your IT Ops solution with ChatOps that creates an effective collaboration platform and is critical to the success of next gen operations.

ChatOps introduces a new approach, that brings a distributed multi-discipline workforce together. It enables visibility of historical incidents to help quickly solve current ones and enable real-time resolution activities stream across the entire organisation.

With a modern workforce that is more often decentralised, the traditional methods of communication are disappearing. As a result, real-time collaboration across the organisation is suffering and it impacts a growing number of processes across the board.

Watch the video to learn more about how ChatOps can help your organisation.


for event reduction

Machine Learning (AIOps) is revolutionising IT operations. Thanks to Machine Learning, you’ll be able to tap into myriads of external feeds, look for patterns in historical data (including external data), draw parallels and allow your OPS team to effectively determine what’s happened – or what is likely to happen in the future.

AIOps and its advanced analytical tools and capabilities have completely changed how operations is dealing with huge data sets. Rather than simply managing outages, it enables operations to be proactive. Operations can look for patterns and have AI recommend action to avoid an incident before degradation or failure.

Based on data about past data AIOps can be used to predict if an event is likely to happen in the future, when would it occur and monitor these factors ahead of time. And if such events happen, you’ll be able to respond faster and more effectively than it was ever possible before.


Watch the video to learn more about how Machine Learning & Cognitive Analytics can help your organisation.

DeployPartners has designed a maturity model to help our clients introduce Machine Learning &
Cognitive Analytics into their organisations – it includes 4 steps:


Introducing the technology (understanding how it works)


Identifying existing patterns the organisation is aware of


Identifying patterns the organisation is not aware of but that are impacting the services and the bottom line


Automating the process (top maturity level and close the loop)


for improved event & incident handling


Over time, closed-loop assurance reduces the time needed to:

  • Resolve the same repeatable incidents with automation
  • Not miss actionable abnormalities
  • Take control of the infrastructure and the data
  • Find patterns and group events into actionable abnormalities
  • Learn from the past and automate the future
  • Automatically assign the incidents to the responsible department/team for resolution

Closed-Loop Assurance is a philosophy. It's about paying attention to everything, no longer is Operations about filtering or ignoring the small events. Instead every Event is an important signal and potentially an actionable abnormality which should be investigated. This means every Event is eventually labelled, dwelled, clustered or purposely ignored.

This approach forces Operations to look into automation to deal with the huge volume of data not to be overwhelmed. The ideal state in closed-loop operations centre is an automated corrective response for every event. This forces operations from a very static alarm list to a dynamic one.

To achieve the ideal end state, Operations must undertake a journey to understand the Event lifecycle and network behaviour and build up an Alarm Management DB and a catalogue of automation.

The trend to build an expert team in-house is fast disappearing. DeployPartners brings to the table not only best-of-breed technologies but also a team of experts with 10-15+ years of experience.

This allows organisations to adopt the closed-loop automation solution with off the shelf products, without the need to train or build internal expertise around particular products, thus making the investment both productive and profitable in the shortest possible time.


Become more agile while avoiding common pitfalls

Implementing a well-rounded IT Ops system is a critical step on the road to enhanced operations agility. Many enterprises are divesting themselves of what they consider non-core functions, reducing costs and freeing up human capital by moving to a Cloud or SaaS environment. This often leads to concerns about privacy, security, and overcoming the lack of necessary skillset within the organisation…

What’s the best way to tackle these and other challenges when adopting a Cloud or SaaS solution? Watch our short video to find out.

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