Reduce costs, Increase Capabilty with Federos Assure1

Reducing systems and costs without reducing capability is a constant for IT Operations today and we have a product that can deliver it with low risk. Clients often tell us they are full of legacy Element (EMS) and Management (MoM) systems with overlapping functionality that individually don’t offer what they need from an AI-OPS management system they need today.  For them a perfect solution is a multi-vendor all-in-one-system that provides:

  • Alarm Management for Multi Vendors
  • Performance Management for Multi Vendors
  • Element Management for Multi Vendors
  • Manager of Managers for Multi Vendors and other Management Systems
  • Active Inventory to enable Closed Loop Assurance
  • Artificial Intelligence for Operations

Federos Assure1 is a product that provides all of this. For example, one client of ours was desperate to move into the AI-OPs space but could only get funding with reduced systems. With Assure1 their business case profiled a reduction of complexity and increased capability to deliver a return on investment within one year. Before downselecting Assure1, this Tier 1 Australian Telco found Assure1 was the only product on the market that could augment systems and also provide them a path to AI-OPs. Assure1’s fast deployment and OOTB support for major vendors reassured stakeholders of the ongoing low maintenance costs.

DeployPartners is a partner of Assure1 and is the only company in the APAC region to successfully complete an IT Operations consolidation project with Federos products. For a free architecture review please contact

Download Federos Assure1 Closed Loop Assurance White Paper

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