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DeployPartners provides exemplary SAS services for a wide range of major TELCO, Military, Utilities, Finance and Large Enterprise clients, including Telstra, NBN Co, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone New Zealand, AAPT, BCT, NTT, Ergon Energy, TransPower, SP AusNet, Westpac, ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Royal Australian Navy, CIOG, IBM GBS, Cisco Services, AlcatelLucent, Fujitsu, Harvey Norman, Downer Edi, Tennis Australia, and Coles.

Amongst the best

Our international deployments include SMART, Celcom, British Telecom, Cable and Wireless, T-Mobile, Bell South, Cingular.

Please browse our case studies to see how we help our clients with their Service Assurance.

Agile Media: Three Months Time-to-Value - a Moogsoft AIOps Case Study

A leading Australian producer of sports coverage and subscription sports TV faced a very tight three-month turnaround to deliver an improved infrastructure and updated systems to provide a robust and reliable service to an increasingly data-hungry audience.

Machine Learning in Network Monitoring

How a large electricity distributor in Queensland consolidated and automated their operations with IBM’s Operations Insight and DeployPartners as the lead System Integrator.

Banking on the Cloud

One of Australia’s largest banks had a problem. The banks’ outdated service desk software was starting to creak at the seams, it was becoming increasingly harder to support and update.

Streamlining Harvey Norman’s Enterprise Management System

This project required DeployPartners to update Harvey Norman’s aging Enterprise Management infrastructure without losing any of their current functionality. The existing systems of the company were reaching end-of-useful life and availability of external support limited. DeployPartners needed to design the best way to build the current Harvey Norman infrastructure into the enhanced configuration of the Tivoli Netcool suite.

Ergon Energy - Better Network Management

Ergon Energy turned again to the IBM CSI (Tivoli) service assurance products and solutions specialist, DeployPartners to obtain a real-time single view of the health and performance of their network infrastructure. A single solution that could provide a clear visual interface with which the network team could proactively recognise, diagnose and resolve network infrastructure performance faults was required.

Royal Australian Navy Ship-to-Shore Network Management

Working with Eirteic Australia, Royal Australian Navy deployed a suite of IBM Tivoli Netcool software to monitor its entire infrastructure, including over 55 Netcool ObjectServers - one of the largest Netcool architecture installations.

Telstra Whisper – real-time control for mobile infrastructure

Whisper is an electronic project management solution developed by DeployPartners in Australia as a one-to-one replacement of Telstra’s existing paper-based processes. The DeployPartners development is a web-based workflow system which now has approximately 700 users.


Westpac’s charter was to improve IT service delivery through multi-factor technology renovation. This involved rationalising existing systems to remove duplication or redundant technology, giving operators better views of network status, implementing centralised processing of all fault occurrences, and providing a secure infrastructure for Westpac’s Web Applications.

NBNCo – Network Assurance for a rapidly expanding network

NBN Co require operational diagnostics which provide maximum understanding of the vast and rapidly expanding network. DeployPartners, working through IBM, were tasked to provide the service assurance tool for the Network Service Operations Centre (NSOC), & amalgamate all alarm information under a single platform. These alarms are sourced from a range of equipment that can provide operational diagnostics, with Tivoli Netcool™ as the top-level monitor of networks.

SP AusNet – upgrade to the Netcool platform for primary operations

The project involved replacing their current system with increased and updated functionality, thus providing much greater value from SPAusNet's investment in IBM Tivoli software. SPAusNet's operations staff were also encouraged to make use of the Netcool platform as the primary operations console.

Bendigo Community Telco – centralised real-time network management

The Netcool solution needed to provide a single, consolidated real-time view of BCT’s network infrastructure health. BCT decided to implement a suite of IBM Tivoli Netcool software, including Omnibus™, Impact™, NM Integrated Portal™, Business Service Manager™ (SLA management and service modelling), as well as Context™ for data mining and analytics. Collectively the Network Fault Management Platform designed components into two data centres in rural Victoria.

IDC Technology Spotlight

DevOps teams are embracing continuous software delivery methods that demand detailed, real-time analysis across all aspects.