Deploypartners Case Study

Bendigo Community Telco™ are a locally owned and run ISP, operating a model that pools local telecommunications demand, leading to greater service delivery and market competition for regional Australia. Having higher-level influence over service carriers enables regional businesses to deliver the same quality of voice and data services as their metropolitan counterparts, and they can be more competitive on a broader scale. As part of a national Community Telco group covering four states, these local companies leverage national buying power whilst keeping profits and contributions local.

Having secured a major customer with cross state sites, Bendigo Community Telco had a critical requirement for capacity to build, refine, and maintain health monitoring of BCT’s essential network infrastructure. For this essential infrastructure, there is a simultaneous need to discover, model, monitor and visualise the networks.

As individual branches’ network management function is transferred to BCT, events should be sent from the devices in the branch. These events should trigger a network manager auto-discovery system, enabling quick response issue resolution.

Our Solution

The Netcool solution needed to provide a single, consolidated real-time view of BCT’s network infrastructure health. BCT decided to implement a suite of IBM Tivoli Netcool software, including Omnibus™, Impact™, NM Integrated Portal™, Business Service Manager™ (SLA management and service modeling), as well as Context™ for data mining and analytics. Collectively the Network Fault Management Platform designed components into two data centres in rural Victoria. The installation enabled BCT to collect real-time data from their network infrastructure and present a consolidated real-time management console for network topology visualisation, end-to-end service dashboards and network event lists.

DeployPartners also provided comprehensive operational and administration training to ensure that the solution was fully utilised once deployed.

Project Overview

Netcool Dashboard was able to be created to target four different User Audiences:

  • BCT Network Engineering Group
  • BCT Customer Support Team
  • BCT Management
  • BCT Administrator and Application Developer

Event Management
Netcool Omnibus forms the backbone of the solution whose function is to process, aggregate, automate and display alarms in real time.

Customer Service Level Agreement
Using the Omnibus Server and Impact event Data, Business Service Manager

The Benefits

The Netcool solution was designed to provide BCT with the core functionality of a centralised network management platform, providing network availability and topology views via a centralised interface. The solution looks across all event types looking for above trend event activity, highlighting low mean-time between failures, indicating problem areas to focus on. The dashboard provides a summary of each Node and what alarms have occurred and volume over time. This solution provided BCT Networks with the following key functionality:

  • A centralised network management system
  • Customer IP SLA Calculation functionality (availability and outages)
  • Management, Operations and Customer Support dashboards
  • IP / MPLS Network Management