Deploypartners Case Study

Royal Australian Navy solution analysis and product evaluation identified that shortfalls existed in its Ship-to-Shore Network Monitoring & Management functionality. This would require a state-of-the-art network monitoring solution to handle the managing and monitoring of Royal Australian Navy Fleet Networks, within the high-security defence environment.

Consequently a Royal Australian Navy Network Management and Monitoring Pilot was commissioned, with DeployPartners leading network integration expertise within the multifunctional team.

Our Solution

Working with DeployPartners, the Royal Australian Navy deployed a suite of IBM Tivoli Netcool software to monitor its entire infrastructure, including over 55 Netcool ObjectServers – one of the largest Netcool architecture installations. Embedded probes receive data from unsolicited events, being either network events, security events (e.g. virus detection, illegal software) or performance events (e.g. disk capacity, central processing unit overload). Webtop software accesses event lists via a web browser and the Reporter program generates a historical archive of events.

The Benefits

Tivoli Netcool provides centralised end-to-end monitoring for the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Networks (including specific Maritime Tactical Networks) under a network operations centre. This ability to proactively manage and monitor the status of Maritime networks, including directives from headquarters, simplifies root cause analysis and ensures a rapid response to problems. As a result, network issues are resolved efficiently and in priority according to event criticality, underlining the Royal Australian Navy’s total commitment to maritime excellence and national security.