Deploypartners Case Study

The project involved replacing their current system with increased and updated functionality, thus providing much greater value from SPAusNet’s investment in IBM Tivoli software. SPAusNet’s operations staff were also encouraged to make use of the Netcool platform as the primary operations console.

Through our discussions and workshops with SPAusNet staff, DeployPartners was able to identify three major work items that needed to be carried out quickly to provide priority business benefits to the operations team. At the end of this project, SPAusNet had:

  1. A newly installed and updated Communications Network Management System (CNMS) consisting of the latest versions of the relevant Netcool technology this system replicated and enhanced the functionality of their previous CNMS.
  2. An enhanced notification capability that ensured a greatly reduced number of email notifications raised from the CNMS this ensures that non-actionable email notifications are the exception rather than the rule.
  3. Alarm feeds from other monitoring systems (including Nagios, Cactii and Juniper Passive SNMP) integrated into the new CNMS with important notifications from these alarm sources coded into the operational model.

DeployPartners goal in this project was to achieve these benefits and provide real business value to SPAusNets network operations team. This saved valuable time and effort in identifying and repairing network faults and helps to improve the operational performance of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network. In addition to that, this project laid the foundation for SPAusNet to make additional improvements and enhancements to the CNMS over time, and take full advantage of the technology they have purchased from IBM.