DeployPartners’s Resources

DeployPartners actively publishes and contributes to various discussions in the consultancy, systems integration, application and Solution Development arenas. Our company profile, discussion papers and whitepapers are available for you to download below.

We also maintain some active discussion forums on our LinkedIn group – please feel free to join the discussion or get in touch for further information about any of our services.

Actionable Alarm Management

Alarm (Event|Network|Service) Management is a big industry but there is so little written on the topic so we thought we would put together our ideas on what should become the main capabilities of a modern Alarm Management system.

Service Assurance Maturity Assessment

This whitepaper describes the DeployPartners Service Assurance Maturity Assessment process, and outlines the five levels within its maturity assessment stack. It provides a high-level, generic overview of common service assurance problems and pain-points, and highlights the “low hanging fruit” solutions that can make a big positive impact in the shortest amount of time. Its aim is to give non-technology management better insight into how frustrating service delivery issues can be identified and remediated, and secondly into how proactive Service Assurance environments can deliver bottom-line benefits.

SmartCloud Control Desk

Overview of how IBM consolidated and advanced its IT Service Management offerings.