DeployPartners’s solutions

DeployPartners offer Service Desk facility that allows the full functionality of a leading Request, Incident and Problem Management system, SmartCloud Control Desk, at a fraction of the cost of implementing and owning your own solution.

Improving your services to your customers, whether they are internal or external, depends on the alignment of your information, systems, people and processes. Our Service Desk allows customers to capture and fulfill service requests and track incidents through to completion.

The solution is ITIL aligned and can be adapted to the structure and nature of your business.

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Cloud based Support, Development environments

DeployPartners  have been deploying innovative, ground breaking Tivoli Service Assurance solutions to your data centre for years. How can we improve on that?

We now provide you with the same functionality but in a more flexible, all encompassing way, where you only pay for the Disaster Recovery or Test Environments that you use. With this service you have the option to turn your required environments on or off to suit your needs.

The CAPEX and OPEX associated with deploying and maintaining a Service Assurance platform often means compromising on having a Disaster Recovery component, or other non-Production environment, that your procedures or processes require in order to reduce organisational risk. DeployPartners can now provide you with those environments as fully hosted and, optionally, fully maintained solutions that you can access from your company network as if it was hosted in your data centre.

Some advantages are as follows:

  • Economies of scale, combined with our expertise, make it more cost effective for us to host your environment and provide it back to you as a service.
  • All costs associated with deploying, maintaining and supporting such environments become OPEX.
  • We provide this service either as part of a support contract, or on a pay-per-use model where an agreed monthly cost is charged for the period the environment is required.
  • No risk associated with software license maintenance or compliance
  • No costs and risks associated with hosting the solution in your data centre: hardware, software licenses or renewals, backups, configuration management
  • You maintain as much control over the applications as you require and leave the rest to us


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