DeployPartners’s solutions

Endpoint and Infrastructure Management utilises IBM Endpoint Management and IBM Composite Application Management with foundation infrastructure monitoring to enable a complete management solution across the spectrum of your IT environment.

Our Endpoint and Infrastructure Management solution provides the following benefits to your business:

  • Helps improve uptime and lower MTTR by proactively monitoring and quickly isolating problems
  • Provides consolidation of distributed system management into a single operational console
  • Allows prioritisation of services such that alerts are generated only when a problem occurs
  • Helps optimise IT service delivery by integrating management products and IT processes
  • Adds predictive capabilities that help with performance management and capacity planning
  • Lowers the total cost of managing and securing mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers – physical or virtual, on or off-network, personally or corporate-owned.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management offers a unified management platform that automates and streamlines systems and security management for endpoints and servers through Desktop and Server Administration, Software Asset Management, Mobile Device Management and Endpoint Security, Protection and Compliance functionality.

Desktop and Server Administration delivers patch, inventory, software distribution, OS deployment, remote control capabilities and near real-time visibility into the state of endpoints including advanced capabilities to support server endpoints.

Software Asset Management tracks software usage patterns and trends across Windows, UNIX and Linux endpoints with “always on” asset management to enhance license compliance.

Mobile Device Management & Security address issues of security, complexity and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies across a unified platform that spans Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms.

Endpoint Security, Protection & Compliance provides unified, real-time visibility and enforcement to protect distributed environments against threats that target endpoints and helps organizations to comply with regulatory standards on security.

By combining endpoint and security management into a single solution, your teams are enabled to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints—servers, desktops, roaming laptops, and specialised equipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. As threats emerge, the solution allows you to rapidly remediate, protect, and report on endpoints in real-time. By automating time-intensive tasks across complex networks, you can control costs while reducing risk and supporting compliance. An Endpoint Management solution can be deployed in days for any network size or configuration, providing a very rapid return on investment.

Capabilities include:

  • Single intelligent agent for continuous endpoint self-assessment and policy enforcement
  • Real-time visibility and control from a single management console
  • Manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status
  • Target specific actions to an exact type of endpoint configuration or user type
  • Reduce management complexity and cost, increase accuracy, and boost productivity
  • Support heterogeneous platforms—Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux® and Mac operating systems.

Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management solution enables customers to monitor and diagnose the state of their IT infrastructure including operating systems, databases and servers across distributed and host environments through a single customisable workspace portal. Infrastructure Manageement delivers powerful capabilities by providing customers with a valuable insight into the health of the business application infrastructure, allowing fast diagnosis of the cause of application performance degradation and outages. DeployPartners provides all required software, configures the monitoring agents, scripts situational alerts and notifications, customises initial portal workspaces and provides operator training and 24×7 Support for the Infrastructure Management capability.

By utilizing our long-standing expertise with IBM Tivoli software, DeployPartners can provide you with the capability to proactively recognise, isolate and resolve infrastructure performance problems through targeted, intelligent monitoring of your critical application infrastructure. Our Infrastructure Management solution provides a highly customizable browser client for viewing and monitoring the end-to-end enterprise infrastructure health. This central point of management allows you to proactively monitor and optimize the avail­ability and performance of the entire IT infrastructure, across host and distributed environments. Because information is standardized across all systems, you can monitor all your resources from a single work­station, with the ability to collect and analyse just the specific information you need. Operators can customize their workspaces with dynamic graph­ical charts and tables that instantly place the situation in perspective. Consequently, your staff can quickly isolate failing components, then diagnose and resolve incidents efficiently and effectively.

The solution provides an embedded common data repository for data analysis and reporting. It also eases the management of long-term data by aggregating, summarizing and pruning historical data. Advanced real-time and historical reporting capabilities can also be customized according to user prefer­ences — so users see only the data that is important to them. The combina­tion of real-time and historical reporting helps you identify trends, predict system behaviour and make informed management decisions to guide future growth. Based on industry best practices, out-of-the-box supplied situations include a combination of metrics and thresholds to trigger, identify, notify and solve problems. You can take advantage of situations to detect and repair incidents as they occur. You can also tailor automated responses to these alerts for your envi­ronment to facilitate proactive resolution of recurring problems. The built-in situation editor allows you to set up your own intelligent alerts and thresholds — based on detailed logic — that give you the power to create granular notification and eliminate false alarms.