DeployPartners’s Technology Partners

DeployPartners are specialists in deploying the Cisco Prime product portfolio and have experience in deploying Prime solutions through the Asia Pacific region.

Our Cisco Prime Product Solution expertise include the following products:

  • Prime Central
  • Prime Network
  • Prime Optical
  • Prime Fulfillment
  • Prime Diagnostic
  • Prime Performance Manager
  • Prime Infrastructure

Cisco have been developing their own comprehensive solution for Network Management over a number of years following their announcement of the EoS/Eol of Cisco Info Center (i.e. CIC). Today Cisco are in a position to provide the best of breed matured NMS product: the Cisco Prime LMS and Cisco Prime for Service Providers (Cisco Prime IP-NGN).

DeployPartners have worked with Cisco NMS products range for many years, we are the recognized partner for deploying, integrating, support and training of Cisco Prime NMS product and platforms in the APAC region.

Many of DeployPartners Senior Consultants are undergoing training and field skills development for Cisco’s newly added Tail-f products.Cisco has recently aquired Tail-f Systems, which is a leading provider of multi-vendor network service orchestration solutions for traditional and virtualised networks. Tail-f’s products help service providers and enterprise IT organisations easily and cost-effectively implement applications, network services and solutions across networking devices.

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View the offical Cisco Prime site here.