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Accelerated Incident Resolution (AIR) 

DeployPartners now brings easy-to-implement automation to the Incident Management and Event Management layers in your organisation. Accelerated Incident Resolution (AIR). Internationally acclaimed, this software capability is now available to the Asia Pacific region through our new partnership with Resolve Systems.

The core AIR offering is as follows:

Accelerated Incident Resolution

  • Empowers first-tier agents to be more effective at incident triage and first contact resolution by eliminating manual and redundant processes

Incident Process Guidance

  • Decision trees guide automations, diagnostics, and agent procedures to maximise effectiveness

Resolution Automation

  • Human-guided automations can be enacted mid-process or executed for closed-loop scenarios

The solution is able to validate and diagnose incidents automatically providing a broader and more relevant set of data to the operator. Actions ordinarily carried out by L2/L3/SME’s can easily be built into a set of process automations that and made available for execution by L1 operations teams, reducing MTTR and workload required to resolve incidents.

Intuitive reporting and analytics allow operations staff to review the effectiveness and frequency of actions to allow for greater efficiency gains and knowledge.

In summary, the solution equips call centre and help desk staff, including front line CSRs, with the tools they need to handle more customer calls in less time, increase accuracy of resolution actions and significantly reducing the volume of incidents escalating to L2 and L3 engineers.