Nineteen things that we see happening in Assurance in 2019

What's happening in Assurance in 2019

Yes, it’s a bit of a clickbait title – but we thought we would have some fun and challenge ourselves to come up with the biggest trends or ideas which, we think, will impact Assurance, OSS and ITOM in 2019. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to come up with the list as there is just so much happening in our space. We hope you enjoy and it provides you with something to think about over the break:

  1. AIOps. AIOps is going to take off. Operational and commercial pressures will make organisations start to look into AIOps to achieve their goals. We are finding interest in AIOps wherever there is a network to manage. The beauty of these toolsets is that they bolt on to existing platforms with ease.
  2. Cloud. Telcos are not going to move to the cloud for Assurance (yet). Vendors who don’t also offer an on-prem that is equivalent to the cloud will suffer.
  3. Agile. Agile will continue to dominate the services business. Customers who want fixed outcomes will start to become more interested in Hybrid implementation models.
  4. Open Source Software. Open Source Software will continue to be an interesting idea but our analysis suggests that the services required to get the solutions to commercial level will be hard to justify against the risk. Greenfield or high-risk tolerant organisations, however, might start experimenting.
  5. Disruption. Service Management will continue to be disrupted. ITIL & eTOM processes and frameworks will be impacted by Agile Operations and newer toolsets. We are seeing with deployments of Moogsoft that the killer feature is not AI but the TeamSpaces. Incident Management is handled much more efficiently inside an AIOps Alarm Management. New operations teams naturally adopt this process of working. No training or certifications required.
  6. Streaming. Legacy Performance Management is going come under further pressure from streaming and real-time streaming solutions.
  7. Chatbots. Operational Chatbots that can answer questions across platforms systems. Chatbots are happening slowly with Teamspaces but we really only scraping the surface on what is capable with or without AI.

    • Has this Scenario\Incident happened before?
    • Was a change organised at this location?
    • Which group solved this scenario?
    • We also see the potential to use chatbot logs to trigger further ongoing automation.
  8. Machine Learning. Machine Learning will come to Performance Management (passive or active). We feel Performance Management has a better chance to predict future incidents than other data sources.
  9. Experience. Employee Experience is going to be a big factor. Sadly, in Enterprise Software, user experience has never been a priority until recently. Tools like Moogsoft, ServiceNow and Splunk (for example) have such an amazing user experience that translates to improved user adoption and business outcomes. We expect users to demand high-quality user experiences in 2019.
  10. Out of the box. The following features are must-haves:
    • Automated orchestration of monitoring (auto-scaling etc)
    • On Cloud and On Premise and Hybrid monitoring
    • Support for all the primary cloud vendors
  11. Automation. More automation is a given every year, but we see whole new virtual positions based on real-world actors. By leveraging detailed surveillance technology every action of Operators from the desktop to phone calls logs we will be recorded and analysed. New analysts will put these workflows together and create new levels of automation.
  12. Behemoth Software. The general trend away from behemoth software stakes hasn’t yet begun in Assurance. In fact, Assurance is to continue to bolt on capability after capability. This year maybe we will see where this general directions goes. From a Services company point of view, greater fragmentation can cause challenges for providing skills and experience.
  13. Upgrades. Upgrade inertia will start to break. With Machine Learning and Analytics capability legacy OSS Products and new releases will provide enough value to trigger replacement or upgrade cycles to maintain currency.
  14. Licensing revaluation. IOT & SDN will trigger a revaluation of software licensing.
  15. Passive monitoring. Passive monitoring challenges will move from centralised to disrupted which will change the traffic capture method and will change to an auto-scaling model.
  16. APIs. Even OSS Enterprise Software will require an open API. APIs will be a critical requirement and in our opinion also a major driver for Operations.
  17. Capacity. With greater capacity, general reliability and multiple outages will be tolerated. Thresholds will be extended and black swan abnormalities will become actionable and require the most attention.
  18. Blockchain. Blockchain won’t impact Assurance in a meaningful way in 2019. We have some ideas about how where there could be some value but we just don’t see the momentum as yet.
  19. Upskilling the workforce. The average IT worker will need to become a generalist again and will need skills in:
    • Programming
    • Business Analysis
    • Delivery
    • Evangelism & Sales

Specialists will be outsourced but their expertise will be amazingly narrow.

Thanks for reading. Have we given you food for thought or prompted you to re-evaluate your Assurance, OSS and ITOM strategy? If so, get in touch with us – we’d love to sit down and discuss the amazing things that we are doing in this space.

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