Deploypartners Case Study

A leading Australian producer of sports coverage and subscription sports TV faced a very tight three-month turnaround to deliver an improved infrastructure and updated systems to provide a robust and reliable service to an increasingly data-hungry audience.

With the business rapidly increasing complexity in their hybrid infrastructure; their growing number of services; and their services growing in complexity, they needed ways of managing their infrastructure and services by utilising new generation tools like Manager-of-Managers Moogsoft AIOps with its machine learning capabilities and agile approach to Alarm Management.

Key Challenges

The media outlet was introducing a new service for which 20 new systems were required to deliver the service reliably and fast to the consumer mass-market. Some of these systems were management systems and they identified that a Managers-of-Managers is required to have a central pane of view of all the systems alarms so that the Service Management team could monitor the platform effectively and efficiently with minimum Mean Time To Detect and resolve.

The time frame in which this solution had to be delivered was three months to align with the internal launch of the product and for all the services to go through internal general acceptance procedures.

The Solution

DeployPartners worked with the business to run a small series of discovery workshops to clearly identify the scope and effort required. These sessions identified that a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was required.

The MVP scoped OOTB MoogSoft deployment that was a multi-tier installation; seven integration points; and custom logical mappings and configurations (Teams, Services, Enrichment, and Situation Recipes).

DeployPartners used an Agile approach to the delivery of a “Stand-Up” type project. The product was installed as part of a MVP with a small number of core integrations.

The team planned a schedule for the three-month duration of the project with weekly sprints delivering functionality and providing weekly showcases to provide the end customer with early access to the solution. This gave us sufficient opportunity to correct and align the solution where needed based on the customer’s operational feedback.

Daily stand-ups were held including the DeployPartners and internal personnel to highlight any blockers as early as possible. Weekly status updates and daily escalations were communicated to senior management, platform owners, and project owners.

To meet timeline targets Deploypartners leveraged automation tool Ansible for packaging and deployment of binaries, configuration, and code. This was helpful for both DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION environment deployments. Both platforms were in sync up to delivery of the PRODUCTION platform. Automation was also used to provision 50+ AWS hosts which were used for customer-specific solution and product training.

DevOps Enablement

DeployPartners delivered customised training to the customer’s operations team that consisted of custom slide decks and training instances which were replica’s of the production systems excluding the integrations. Customer specific alarms were inserted into the system through the use of standard Moogsoft tools with custom configurations containing the customer’s alarms as received in production. This gave the students the confidence and familiarity of learning the system as they will be using it in their production environment. This and the taking the Agile journey with the customer has enabled the customer’s team to become comfortable with the solution and quickly adopt the solution.

Customer Success

Delivering the solution on time and within budget has provided the customer with a state of the art Manager-of-Manager system with capabilities of ingesting alarms from six management systems – ranging from two out-of-the-box vendor specific integrations (Cloudwatch and New Relic) and four industry-standard protocols (EMail, Socket, RESTfull client and RESTfull server); LDAP integration; alarm enrichment; team definitions; service definitions; and situation recipe definitions.

The first phase of the Moogsoft deployment gives the customer a platform to efficiently manage their services platform and focus on delivering reliable end services to their customers and focus on further developing new services.

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